Proposal Outreach Program Activities

Outreach Program Activities for three months

Version 0.3 Last Update November 10th. 2018

Submitted by: Ignacio Figueroa (TheWalk_er) and Bowienetter.


  • Ignacio Figueroa - TheWalk_er (Promotion and Marketing Coordinator)

  • Bowienetter (Social Media Coordinator)

General Purpose

The purpose of the team will be to oversee the Outreach activities, and coordinate the activities within the Community, the team in charge will be measured for efficiency and quality.

Activities mentioned here are in accordance with SwiftCash the Outreach Plan

The team will work for three months (one quarter) and can apply for up to three quarters in one year, this will give opportunity to other teams to work and thus making this area decentralized and not dependent of one sole team to manage this area.

Measuring key factors

  • Transparency

Every team will be responsible for creating a bi-weekly report of expenses in case a budget is managed. Recipes, bills, tickets will be shown as proof of purchase.

  • Efficiency

A monthly report will be issued by the team with all the activities and published in STEEM, if questions may arise by the community, those must be answered clearly and promptly.

  • Decentralization

The General Coordinator is not the boss, all members are equal but in case of disputes the General coordinator will have two votes, other members will have one vote, if no disputes arise, the coordinator will have just one vote.

  • Continuous Improvement

The Outreach team will find during the three period time ways of improving the way the department is managed, looking for a constant improvement and will submit 4 improvements and apply them in that period.

Scope of work and Areas to cover

Coordination for

Technology Fairs

Crypto Events



Coin Promotion

Social Media Channels Management

Website coordination

Feeding news into the site


3 months


Ignacio Figueroa - TheWalk_er (Promotion and Marketing Coordinator)

Full time activity

180,000 SWIFT per month, subtotal 540,000 SWIFT

Bowienetter (Social Media Coordinator)

Part Time

90,000 SWIFT per month, subtotal 270,000 SWIFT


810,000 SWIFT


  • Traveling expenses are not covered, those have to be submitted in the proper Proposal

  • Fairs or Crypto events attendances will be managed by its own budget