SwiftCash Outreach Plan

Version 0.13 Last Update November 10th, 2018

0.1 Community outreach is an essential part of a cryptocurrency project’s mission. Community outreach creates the crucial platform for SwiftCash evangelization efforts. While many cryptos want to reach out to their community, few have a clear understanding of how or where to begin. The purpose of this project is to help promoting members better understand how to increase their community’s receptivity through a strategic community outreach plan.

0.2 It is the aim of this project to demonstrate how teams can start and maintain a successful community outreach strategy resulting in greater promotion effectiveness.

0.3 Community Members can create teams and apply for the Outreach Team selection, members can be part of the Outreach Team up to three quarters in a year and no more than that, so one member can be in two different applying Teams, teams can have a maximum of 4 members, if more activities are needed, then a new Outreach team will be created, as long as no duplicate activities are created in previous Outreach teams.

1. Goals

• What are our goals?

Promote SwiftCash massively worldwide as a crypto currency.

• What is the problem to be solved? Lack of easiness on how the cryptocurrencies can be used

What is the timeframe? All the time and constantly

Who are we trying to reach? Millennials, merchants, Universities, associations

• What do we expect to accomplish? Bring SwiftCash to all unbanked population, promote it with organizations and use it as a way of payment with good technology for easy use.

• What’s our key message?

Decentralization, Governance and Economy

2. Campaign objectives

  • Promote SwiftCash in Crypto events

  • Create instructional videos

  • Look for partnerships

  • Reach Universities

  • Promote Hackatons

  • Create local communities globally

  • Merchants adoption programs

3. Positioning

• We want to position the project among the competitors

– By attributes (Creating new technology)

– By its ability to surpass the competition (By creating a Support Team)

– By application (Wallets)

4. Budget

• Promotion

• Marketing

5. Activities

  • Forum

  • StyleGuide

  • Logo

  • Branding

  • Merchandise

  • Appareal

  • Products

6. Regions


United States







South Africa









7. Research

• Surveys

• Focus groups

• Intercept interviews

• In-depth interviews (> 30 minutes)

8. Media

10.1 Media channels

– Newspapers

- Magazines

-Crypto Magazines

– Radio

– Television

– Transit (bus, subway, airport)

– Billboards

– Direct mail

– Internet: websites, banner ads, user-generated content

-Social Media networks

  • YouTube

Onboarding videos

What is SwiftCash

What is POS on SwiftCash

How to get your new SWIFT coins in your new wallet

How the Proposal System Works

How to setup SwiftNodes

  • Steemit

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Reddit

  • Medium

-Weekly Newsletter

• Paper

– Posters

– Pamphlets

– Press Release

• Media schedules

9. Whitepaper

Completed by @msg768

10. Evaluation

• Changes in beliefs

• Changes in knowledge

• Changes in behavior intent

• Changes in behavior


1- https://cointelegraph.com/news/survey-high-earning-millennial-men-are-most-interested-in-crypto-investing